Basics of agen poker game


pecklife.comBasics of agen poker game. Let’s see the history of the poker games. This game was earlier known as the pochen game and in later 1830’s this game was named as poker. There are multiple versions of poker and this game is generally in played in the poker rooms in the casinos. Now a days these games have started online poker games. This game his socially played for matchsticks or pennies. To play this game player needs to have lots of luck as well as great skills too so that you can play the game like a masters.

The pack

This game is played with the help of standard 52 card pack and sometimes in some games there is an add-on of one or more jokers. To speed up this game two packs of contrasting colours are used sometimes. If the one pack is dealt between the players and the other pack is kept aside to get dealt with later on.


Card values

Although there is several different poker games in the market but all games almost have same rules and regulations. If you understand one it will be easy for you to play all. A poker game consists of five cards, a variety of combinations of poker hand rank from high to low rank cards. Five of a kind is the uppermost hand which is possible in the game, and this will happen when there is a wild card for e.g. A joker. Then comes the straight flush, where none of the wild cards are used this comes in the game when only the standard pack is used and there are no wild cards.

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